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Star Leasing Chassis

By partnering with Star Leasing Company you will operate safe, reliable, and well maintained chassis.

Star is positioned to provide you any model of chassis your operation needs to gain a competitive advantage with your customers and for retaining and recruiting the best drivers.

We can also customize the lease and/or finance options that fit best in your business. We offer operating as well as finance leasing that provides new chassis for your fleet for less than 1/3 of the daily rental at most pools.

  • 20’ Standard
  • 23.5’ Slider
  • 24 metric ton tridem chassis
  • 40’ gooseneck chassis
  • Tandem and Tridem Combination chassis
  • 45’ extendable
  • And many more

Star Leasing's standard chassis specs are designed from input of our customers first. Add to that our 40 years of experience with trailer ownership, and the maintenance data collected while maintaining our own fleet with our own shops and certified technicians. Combine this with the close partnerships we have developed with all of our component manufacturers, Star is constantly improving our specifications on all types of trailers to provide the lowest total cost of ownership and operation.

All are equipped with first quality tubeless, low profile radial trailer tires that will provide many miles and are able to be placed into your re-cap program. The Star Advantage:

  • Lower your daily cost for chassis
  • Stop wasting valuable HOS with an extra stop at a chassis yard
  • Increase revenue per day, with little to no down time caused by chassis failure
  • Keep and recruit the best drivers and operators in your market by providing them with quality chassis
  • Protect your CSA scores and insurance cost

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