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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I start doing business with Star Leasing Company?
  • Simply complete and submit a credit application with insurance requirement information and we will process immediately.

  • 2. Will you work on my owned trailers as well as my leases and rentals?
  • YES! We pride ourselves as a trailer maintenance company and will gladly work on your trailers. We will send our Star Patrol mobile service trucks to your site or we can utilize our full service shop facilities.

  • 3. Do you do just minor maintenance?
  • NO! We do major fabrication work as well as routine and minor maintenance. All of our locations have complete multi-bay shop facilities and are fully staffed with highly trained trailer technicians who have the ability to do everything from FHWA inspections to major wreck rebuilds. They also can do major modifications such as liftgate installation and door conversions.

  • 4. Is satellite tracking available on your trailers?
  • YES! Many of our trailers are equipped with Veriwise or Skybitz units and we can tailor a tracking solution specifically to meet your needs.

  • 5. I have multiple branch locations. Do you have a National Account program?
  • YES! We have a National / Major Account Program with three dedicated Major Account Executives that split the National territory based on company headquarter location. Your MAE can design a National program that will ensure that your needs for Lease, Finance, Rentals and/or Maintenance in any or all of your locations is consistent and beneficial to you.

  • 6. Will you pick-up and deliver my rentals or my owned trailers for maintenance?
  • YES! We don't have to rely on someone else's delivery schedule because all of our branch locations have Company Star Patrol drivers and tractors to pick-up and/or deliver our trailers or yours. We can respond instantly, when you need us!

  • 7. Do you buy and sell trailers or take in trades?
  • YES! Lakeside Trailer Sales a division of Star Leasing Company specializes in all three! Please contact us with any new or used purchase, sell or trade need and one of our full time Trailer Sales Representatives will be happy to assist you.

  • 8. Do you help finance new and /or used trailers?
  • YES! Star Trailer Finance Co. a division of Star Leasing Company will design a finance solution that will fulfill any and all of your specific needs!

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