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Saturday - December 15, 2012

Star Leasing Companys New StarCare Breakdown Service (SBS)


Before establishing an internal breakdown service center this past August, Star Leasing Company outsourced all of its over-the-road repair services to a major call-in center. The level of personalized customer service was not quite where we would like it to be, says Matt Longfellow, Program Manager for StarCare Breakdown Service (SBS), the carriers new in-house call center. We can have as many as 600 breakdowns a month, and by handling the calls internally we are able to provide cost effective and personalized service to our valuable customers.

Star Leasings SBS currently employs five repair coordinators. Three more will be added in early 2013 so that as call volume increases during the warmer months, SBS will continue to provide customers with great serviceand realize cost effective benefits.

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