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Safety Training

  • Every Star Leasing Company associate receives proper training on at least 8 safety related topics.

  • Mechanics will receive proper training on at least 13 safety related topics - some examples are:

    • Tire safety training
    • Proper lifting
    • Fall protection/prevention
    • Forklift operator training
    • Hearing conservation
    • Personal protective equipment
  • At Star Leasing Company mechanics:

    • Are required to wear specific personal protective equipment to perform
    • certain job tasks. Just a few examples are:
      • Safety glasses - 100% of the time in our service bays
      • Hearing protection - 100% of the time in our service bays
      • Safety gloves
      • Fall protection/arrest when working on trailer roofs
      • Secondary eye protection whenever performing a grinding operation
    • Must use the right tool for the job:
      • Prybars vs screwdrivers
      • Hammers vs misc. hand tools
      • Ladders vs buckets, crates, chairs, etc&
      • Tire cages vs nothing at all
    • Must use the aid of mechanical lifting devices to lift heavy objects such as:
      • Brake drums (drum dollie)
      • Mounted tires (liftgates & hoists)
      • Tire dual assemblies (wheel dollie)

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