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Star Leasing's Growth Time Line

1988: Formed an ESOP, which currently owns 100% of the common stock
1989: Acquired General Trailer Company in Indianapolis, Indiana, creating our Indianapolis branch
1994: Acquired Budget Mobil Storage in Cincinnati, creating our Cincinnati branch
1995: Formed Added Space division, which rented ground-mounted storage containers to customers in Columbus, Ohio and Nashville, Tennessee
1996: Built current headquarters facility in Columbus at 4080 Business Park Drive
1999: Opened new branch in Atlanta, Georgia
1999: Sold interest in the Nashville Added Space operation to a partner
2000: Elected Subchapter S status and changed the fiscal year end to September 30
2001: Sold remaining interest in Added Space to Mobil Mini of Tempe, Arizona
2001: Opened new branch in Cleveland, Ohio
2001: Purchased Independent Trailers Service, Inc. forming the Dayton branch
2001: Built a new facility in Cincinnati and moved the branch from downtown to the northern suburbs nearer our customers
2001: Built new facility in Indianapolis greatly expanding our service capabilities and trailer parking capacity
2001: Opened a facility in Marysville, Ohio to serve our increased customer needs in that area, splitting off a piece of the Columbus branch
2004: Formed Lakeside Trailer Sales, LLC to aid in the expansion of our trailer sales business
2004: Opened a facility in Talladega, Alabama to meet the growing needs of a customer in that market in 2005
2005: Surpassed 10,000 trailers in our fleet and $50 Million in revenue
2007:Surpassed 12,000 trailers in our fleet and $65 Million in revenue
2008: New facility opened in Charlotte, North Carolina
2009: Moved into a new six-bay facility in Cleveland, Ohio
2009: Launched StarCare, “Our 100% employee owned commitment to provide the most complete, best value in the semi trailer industry”
2010: Introduced PMPLus maintenance program
2010: Launched new Star Leasing Company website

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